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Michiana geocaching

It’s been a while since I have been out geocaching, and I think it’s about time to dedicate some time each weekend to the hobby. I have a couple Caches pretty much ready, and this afternoon, we are going out to see if we can hide one or two of them

If you have never been geocaching, then I really suggest you learn more about it, and give it a try. There are several around Michiana, and I have enjoyed the activity for a long time. Nowadays you can do it from most smart phones, which makes it a a lot easier to do on a whim.   You can learn more at the geocaching web site.

If your gonna play in texas

My daughter has been hinting to the fact that she would like to move. Granted, there is a boy involved, but it is something that I had been considering for some time. I am getting older now, and I am getting kind of tired of the cold. For quite a long time now I had considered moving to Texas, since there seems to be a much larger market down there for IT people. It would be very hard moving away from all my friends and family, since I have lived here for pretty much my whole life. But here, I am stagnant.

I had looked at other places in the past, and had really decided on Texas. Not real sure why, safe to say that it was less scary than the other choices. I may be crazy to even consider a move like this, but then, the alternative is to stay around here and rot, for the most part. I did some searching on the job sites, and there is still a ton of them in both Dallas and Houston. I even applied for one in Houston that sounded pretty interesting. Guess we will see what becomes of that.

I had dismissed this idea as little as a year ago, but I have had some major changes in my life that has changed my mind. I really am not sure how all this will work out, and not sure if I will ever make it there, but since the opportunities are pretty sparse around here, It seems like this may be  a good choice.


I will try and keep the blogging going, so stay tuned. This year could get interesting.