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Jackie walorski vs joe donnelly

Jackie Walorski
Joe Donnelly

Primaries are now over, and Jackie Walorski now has to concentrate on defeating Joe Donnelly in November.  This could be an easy task this year, as long as the citizens remember the Health care vote, and How we were let down by the man who was elected to represent us. Still, Donnelly is a popular representative, and I am sure it won’t just be a walk in the park. I will try and outline the race as much as possible in the near future, so everyone can examine both candidates and make an informed decision.

It bothers me that there are still so many out there that just vote for the the party, or don’t take the time to look at all the options and make an informed decision. Let’s be sure this year, that we elect a candidate that properly represents the majority of their constituents. Be informed.


Additional urgent jordan update – may 1

Jack Jordan

Dear Campaign Team –

Sadly, our opponent continues to exaggerate endorsements!

Exaggerated Endorsements:

#1 – NRA Endorsement: I’m a Lifetime Member of the NRA and a strong proponent of protecting our second amendment rights.  Therefore, I was deeply disappointed by our opponent’s misrepresentation of this fine organization and falsely claiming the NRA was endorsing her over me.  The title on the very front page of the South Bend Tribune today, “NRA Scolds Walorski Over Press Release.” Source:  South Bend Tribune, May 1, 2010  http://www.southbendtribune.com/article/20100430/News01/100439934/1129/News

#2 – 4 Group Endorsements: Last week our opponent had a press conference with 4 individuals and then issued a press release stating that 4 groups had endorsed her.  Unfortunately, that was a misrepresentation of the facts.  The truth was that the 4 individuals (not even the top leader of each of these groups) stated their public support for her.  Following is from the Elkhart Truth reporter who attended the event and then our opponent’s press release:

Elkhart Truth, April 23, 2010 by Josh Weinhold:

“…The members of many of the tea party movement groups voted to not endorse candidates this year, leaders said. Thus, the endorsements do not represent the groups’ official approval…”

The title and first paragraph of our opponent’s official Facebook Press Release.   Exaggerating and explicitly stating endorsements from the groups:

Stand with Jackie: Local Tea Party, Taxpayer Groups Endorse Walorski

Local Tea Party, Taxpayer Groups Endorse Walorski

Friday, April 23, 2010 at 12:45pm

(Elkhart, IN) – Leaders from local Tea Party and taxpayer groups today announced their endorsement for Republican 2nd Congressional District Candidate Jackie Walorski. Groups making official endorsements of Jackie’s candidacy were Citizen’s for Common Sense, the St. Joe County Tea Party Patriots, Concerned Citizens of Michiana, and the Tea Party of Michiana Action Coalition.

#3 – On the lighter side: Our opponent did get the endorsement of Mike Pence.  But as I talked with Mike face-to-face last week, he sheepishly revealed that he had promised Jackie months before I got into the race that he would support her when she ran.  He felt it was important that he keep his promise to her.   He said, however, he has followed our race closely and is extremely impressed with our campaign.  Mike then went on to say that if we win in November that he looks forward to working with me in the U.S. Congress beginning in January!

Lastly, reminding you again of the absolute importance of voting in this upcoming Tuesday, May 4th Republican Primary along with urging your family members and friends to get out and vote for Jack Jordan (to ultimately replace Joe Donnelly in the U.S. Congress).  Voter turn-out will win this race for us!

With sincere appreciation for all your help and support,

Jack Jordan

Approved by Jack Jordan and

Paid for by the Jack Jordan for Congress Committee

Urgent jack jordan campaign update

Dear Campaign Team,

Respectfully asking for your help in 2 areas:

#1 – The absolute importance of voting this upcoming Tuesday in the Republican Primary…along with urging your family members and friends to vote for Jack Jordan (to ultimately replace Joe Donnelly in the U.S. Congress).

#2 – Please forward this e-mail quickly and broadly to your many e-mail contacts.  (Recipients, please forward to your contacts)

These are very serious times…one man recently told me that he would lose his right to complain if he didn’t vote in the May 4th Primary.   In this Primary, Republicans have a choice between 2 distinctly different candidates to replace Joe Donnelly.  Jackie Walorski has the typical politician’s resume and she would be “more of the same” in Congress.  Or me, Jack Jordan, who has a real life resume.  I have been blessed to have significant experiences in business, leadership, missions, healthcare, education and international opportunities.   With strong voter turn-out, we will win this race!

As you know, we won’t attack our opponent with half-truths or personal attacks…but we aren’t afraid to get the facts out.   Facts which are very important and help underscore the difference between a citizen candidate and a politician.  Following is information from a “Facts” commercial we launched on TV.  You will notice they are 100% accurately sourced.  (A link to access the commercial is at the end of this e-mail)

Citizen Candidate vs. Politician:

How many lobbyists have given money to each candidate?

Jack Jordan = 0

Jackie Walorski = 43

Many groups who don’t represent our interests:  California Rice Industry Association, National Beer Wholesalers Association, Wine and Spirit Wholesalers, Community Bankers of Illinois Association, California Almond Growers

Source: http://www.congress.org/election/candidate/id/156296 (PAC Tab)

How many years of extensive business experience does each candidate have?

Jack Jordan = 20

Source: http://www.jackjordanforcongress2010.com/meet_jack_resume.php

Jackie Walorski = 0

Source: Elkhart Truth, April 24, 2010 by Josh Weinhold

“Occupation: Former TV reporter and missionary, held various leadership roles at several area organizations”

Has either candidate ever missed a critical committee vote on time change which would have stopped the bill? (A “politician” avoiding a difficult stance?)

Jack Jordan = 0

Jackie Walorski = 1

Source: South Bend Tribune, February 17, 2005 by Martin DeAgostino

“Daylight-saving time still alive; Walorski’s absence lets bill move to full House.”

Source: South Bend Tribune, May 1, 2005 by Martin DeAgostino

“Fox News bloviator Bill O’Reilly calls it “the no spin zone.”

That’s where he corrects the selective memory of public figures whose commitment to the truth seems, shall we say, less than total.

Here then, are some “no-spin” correctives generated by the 2005 Indiana General Assembly…..”

“Rep. Jackie Walorski, R-Lakeville, announcing that “I voted ‘no’ every single time that (daylight-saving  time) has been brought up.”

No-spin correction: It’s not always how you vote, but when, and Walorski skipped a committee meeting and vote where she had a unique opportunity to bury the bill.

She cited a competing committee schedule, but the Tribune attended both meetings and there was plenty of time between them.”

Link to commercial:  http://www.jackjordanforcongress2010.com/Jackie%20Walorski%20Facts.php

(Click to watch the Jackie Walorski Facts Ad)

“Enough is Enough” with politics as usual!

Approved by Jack Jordan and

Paid for by the Jack Jordan for Congress Committee

Tiny houses

My Neice turned me on to these a few months ago.

basically really small houses for single or double occupancy, that are ultra efficient, and in many cases very beautifully built!

these are perfect for someone fresh out of school, and looking for a good cheap way to live. Some are mobile, some are stationary, all of them are really cool!

going through the Tiny House Blog there are all sorts of designs, even a few that can be downloaded for free.

In this day and age, where everyone is looking for ways to cut costs, this is a great solution.

In our area, where the RV industry has gone bust lately, perhaps they should be focusing on making low cost, green versions of things like this? just a thought.


and now, jack jordan

Jack Jordan’s Campaign manager contacted me recently and arranged a sit down with Jack today. Partly in response to the meeting I had with Jackie Walorski I am sure. We met here at the local McDonald’s, and had a very good talk.

First of all, let me say that his demeanor is vastly different from Jackie.  She tends to talk a mile a minute. Jack actually is much more easy going, and was much easier to talk to. We sat down, and introduced our selves, and really spent the first few minutes getting to know each other. then we went on to talk about how the campaign is going.

Jack Jordon is not a politician, and that was obvious. it was in fact, refreshing to hear him talk about his decision to run for office. He explained that he really was not even interested in the job, but his feelings toward the ‘state of things’  in  the current government body compelled him to move forward with the campaign. He also expressed that he has no desire to stay in politics for the rest of his life, like so many do. he just wants to serve a term or two, MAYBE three, and then get out. This is the mentality that I wish all political hopefuls had.

we had talked about what he was doing as far as getting his name out there. He said that his day yesterday was spent going around to various places of business, restaurants  and meeting the people. We talked at length about the new media, and getting set up on facebook, twitter, his website,  and the merits of each. It was very clear here that Jack is a Man of the people, and not so much when it comes to the new technology, but he was learning.

We shifted the conversation to some of the issues. I asked him what he though about the current health care debate going on.  Jack believes that while there is room for improvement, this country still has the best health care system in the world. I don’t think you can find too many Americans that would disagree with that one. he also indicated that there are many things about the health care system and the current state of insurance that can be improved,  but jumping in and totally revamping the system is a scary prospect at best. He did mention that the insurance companies do indeed need better regulation. there should be no denying coverage for preexisting conditions, no dropping coverage be cause of major illness onset, and various other aspects that made a lot of sense.

I then ask Jack what he thought about the Job situation, being as so many are without work, and what he though he could do at the federal level to affect  the situation. This is one area where I do believe that Jack has a very good understanding of the problem. Jack went into great detail to outline the relationship of the banks with the small businesses, and the fears of  both in the current economic situation, and their concern with the policies being hashed out at the federal level. He said that many business are looking to expand, however the fears of what is to come with these various debates is preventing them from moving forward with the expansion, and keeping the banks from financing them. I was very impressed with his knowledge in business management, and his understanding of the major problems they are currently facing. I do believe that this will be a big help in his tenure if he does make it to the house.

I also asked him what he thought about the green energy push, and it’s effects on the economy. Jack indicated to me that he believes that green technology is very important, but a true solution is still years away. he also indicated that while he does believe that moving towards a green solution is vital, we should not force the issue with things like cap & trade. He mentioned that he believes in the ‘drill here, drill now’ path toward energy independence.  this is a view that Jack and I share.

The last issue I asked him about, is  what he thought about the state if immigration, and what he thinks should be done. Jack believes that the first step he would take is to secure the borders. This is a common feeling amongst republicans that I have researched, and I do tend to believe that if you don’t cover the borders as a first step, then anything else is a waste of time. He then spoke of the fact that with the number of illegal immigrants presently in the U.S., that removing them is truly not an option.  He indicated while he does not believe in amnesty he does believe that there should be some path to citizenship. Jack did say that just saying ‘we forgive you, you can stay’ is out of the question. He indicated that any path to citizenship should involve going through the proper channels to achieve, and I do applaud him for that.

Towards the end of the interview, Jack had some questions for me as well. He was interested in knowing what I thought of the content of his web site, and what issues I thought he should address. throughout the interview he seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say, and what I though his focus should be. this really struck a nice cord with me.

All in all, I think that Jack Jordan does have a pretty clear vision of what Government should be, and a very good understanding of what it has become. Jack is without a doubt a non-politician candidate, and I believe that will help him in his campaign. I actually felt today that if he is to win the election, he would be a true  voice of the people. I was quite impressed in meeting him, and he is interested in another meeting in the future. I will detail that one as well, you can be sure.

I believe that everyone should take care and listen to both of these republican candidates when making their decision, because choosing the right person for the job is vital. Don’t make this decision in haste.


Jack jordan campaign february 8

Jack Jordan Campaign Update – February 8, 2010

Thank you for the opportunity to briefly update you on “our” campaign. Last week was filled with several radio interviews and a number of TV interviews. Additionally, it was a week of kicking off several new initiatives: radio ads on a number of additional stations, billboards strategically placed around the district, as well as the launch of our campaign on Face book (“Friends of Jack Jordan”).

But more importantly, I have had the opportunity to listen to an increasing number of concerned citizens from diverse backgrounds. (Important note: If you are looking for a so called “bull horn politician” I am not your candidate. However, if you believe in a citizen candidate who operates out of a core set of principles, someone who will listen to the priorities of the people in the 2nd district and someone who will truly represent and lead around these principles and priorities in Washington D.C. – then “our” campaign is for you!) Let me share just a few of the interactions we had this past week:

  • I am really glad you are running. We really need a strong Republican candidate like you to beat Donnelly.” (From a complete stranger at the next table over at a coffee shop in South Bend who I later find out is the C.E.O. of a prominent company in our area.)

  • I want to say, ‘You sound to me like just what we need.’ The local GOP seems to be supporting Jackie Walorski, but we don’t want more of the same.” (A letter from a 79-year old South Bend woman.)

  • Jack, you knocked it out the park….brilliant! …Keep it going, I feel voters are ready for what you represent…they certainly need to be.” (An e-mail to our campaign from a distinguished Plymouth resident after a radio interview.)
  • I’m a lifelong Lakeville resident and know Jackie very well. She is the ultimate politician. Nothing against Jackie, but this is not the time for more politicians. This is the time for someone like your husband. We have a whole group of us in Lapaz and Lakeville who are going to do whatever it takes to help your husband win in May and November.” (A swim mom speaking to my wife at our daughter’s sectional swim meet in Mishawaka.)
  • I’m behind you 100%. I’m just afraid the Democrats will continue to chip away at our 2nd amendment rights…in sneaky and subtle ways.” (An avid hunter from Bourbon)

I’m absolutely humbled to represent you in our campaign. Politicians have gotten us into this mess and it is time for a true citizen candidate with extensive real world experience to help lead us out of this mess.