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Area doctors seek voice in current health care debate

Received from the Jackie Walorski campaign:

(Mishawaka, IN) – Following weeks of concerned calls from across the district, 2nd Congressional District candidate Jackie Walorski met Friday night with area doctors and other medical professionals to discuss the President’s health care proposal.  The forum was organized by Walorski and several local physicians as an opportunity for those most directly involved in patient care to better understand the proposal, discuss its merits, and make recommendations for moving forward.

Several attendees voiced frustration with the general lack of communication between policy makers and doctors throughout the current debate. “There are many problems with the current health care system,” said Dr. Jay Asdell of South Bend. “But this Congress’ attempt to push drastic changes through without any real communication with doctors is extremely disconcerting. This may be the most historic change to public health policy and the local medical community has largely been left in the dark.”

Walorski committed to maintain a dialogue with leaders in the medical community throughout the ongoing debate. “Reform is needed in how health care is delivered in our country. No one disputes that,” said Walorski. “But it’s clear doctors in the area don’t feel they’ve been given a voice in the current discussion. The people of Northern Indiana are asking for common sense solutions from people within the health care community – not politicians in Washington.”

“For Jackie to give doctors the opportunity to talk one-on-one regarding these sweeping changes is greatly appreciated. We think she is serious about listening to the people most involved in rendering direct patient care,” said Dr. Robert Kolbe of Bremen.