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Gun safety day two

This is Gun safety Video Number two.

I plan on adding at least one per day to this blog, since the media generally only bashes Gun owners, regardless of the second amendment rights.

If anyone would like to add more  Please respond here at mintcity.net.


The four basic rules of gun safety. There are many more specific issues related to gun safety; however, these four, mostly borrowed from Jeff Cooper, distill it down to the essentials.

1. All Guns are always loaded. [Treat them that way]

2. Never let the muzzle cover [sweep] anything you are not willing to destroy.

3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.

4. Be sure of your target. [And what’s behind it]

Holy walk 2011

This year the Holy Walk will be held on Friday, December 16th from 6pm to 9pm and on Saturday December 17th from 5:00pm to 9:00pm.

Shuttle bus service to “Bethlehem” leaves from Bremen High School (511 W. Grant Street, Bremen) every 15 minutes

Doors to the School open one hour prior to the event. Your group will sign in and the greeters can tell you how long you may have to wait. There is no food at the school. There are several fast food options in Bremen. There will be various forms of entertainment at the school, to make your wait more enjoyable.

Be sure to dress warmly, this is an outdoor event. If you have further questions, please contact the office of Bremen United Methodist Church Monday-Friday 9am until noon. (574)546-2667 or email your questions to office@bumchurch.org

There is no charge for the event, free will donations are accepted.

Be sure to come early!

Hit the links for leukemia golf event

Thank you for everyone’s time and generosity in supporting the Hit the Links for Leukemia golf outing.  The event is filling up.  We are now at 75% committed and 30% paid for the fundraising goal.  People have shown they care well beyond cash donations.  We have received many gift contributions that will be given as prizes to golfers the day of the event.  Currently 18 hole sponsorships are committed, great support.  Thank you for showing you care.

Let’s keep it going through continuing to signup hole sponsors, getting commitments for golfers, and collecting donations prior to the event.  Thank you for sending your payments early.  Payment is important to help cover outing costs by August 7th.  We feel honored to know that so many people care and look forward to seeing everyone on August 21th.  We sincerely appreciate your support.  Thank you.

Download – LLS Registration Final

Dine out for united way

The Community Hospital of Bremen is participating in the Dine Out for United Way Week July 11 to 17.  Area residents who wish to support the United Way of Marshall County are encouraged to dine in the hospital café during this event.

Proceeds benefit United Way agencies and programs in Marshall County including several with offices here in Bremen.

The beneficiaries in Bremen include:

  • Marshall County Older Adult Services

  • Women’s Care Center

  • Salvation Army

  • Heart and Hands, Boys and Girls Club

  • Community Coordinated Child Care

  • and Community Hospital of Bremen Safe Sitter and Prenatal and Childbirth classes to name a few.

the nixle program for the town of bremen


Bremen Police Department has implemented the Nixle program for the Town of Bremen. Nixle.com is an additional tool for communicating a variety of messages to the public. It will only be used by authorized personnel to convey authorized messages. Nixle.com is a free, secured website for the Town of Bremen’s use only. It will broadcast a variety of messages to its subscribers based on settings selected by the sender and the subscriber. The messages are sent to cell phones by way of text message, to email and to the Nixle.com website. The Bremen Police Department will only issue messages that apply to the incorporated areas of the Town of Bremen. The messages will be issued in one of the following four categories.

Alerts: any situation that requires immediate action by the public such as evacuations, missing persons, hazardous conditions or situations, tornado and thunderstorm warnings.

Advisories: any situation that public awareness would promote safety and/or assist the Town of Bremen’s public services such as winter weather warnings, tornado and thunderstorm watch, fog, snow covered or slippery roads, criminal investigations.

Community: any event or announcement that is sponsored by or released for a Town of Bremen department.

Traffic: road closings or road work.

To receive messages, subscribers must go to Nixle.com and sign-up. Subscribers are responsible for the cost of any text message they may receive. Any questions please call the Bremen Police Department at 546-3456.


Chief Matthew Hassel

Bremen Police Department

123 South Center Street

Bremen, IN 46506


5/13/2010 12:00:00 AM

Jack jordan’s campaign please send this to your marshall county friends

I recently received an e-mail from Linda (Mullen) Clevenger entitled “Let’s all rally around Jack”.  It was a nice description of the Jack that we all know and love.  As you may know  I have been working along with many others to educate  the voters of the 2nd District about Jack.  In four short months Jack has been working tirelessly to win over a very large district that until a few months ago had never heard his name. His hard work is bearing fruit.

Today the Elkhart Truth endorsed Jack over their hometown candidate. Jack is running strong in  Kokomo, La Porte, Fulton, Starke, White and Pulaski Counties, and I think he owns Cass County.  The people of Bremen and Marshall County can be proud of Jack, he has positioned himself to pull off the political upset of the year in Indiana. In order for this to happen Jack needs a huge turnout in Marshall County! In 2006 (the last non Presidential Congressional primary) of the 32,000 registered voters in Marshall County only 4900 voted. WE CAN DO BETTER!!!

Unlike a sporting event where fan turnout has little to do with the outcome of the game in elections TURNOUT IS THE GAME!!! Grab a friend or two drag them to the polls on Tuesday.  Make it an expectation, and we can make a difference.  Let’s put a” Made in Marshall County” stamp on the  112th U.S.Congress.

Please send this to your Marshall County contact list as soon as possible!
Thank You for your interest!  Todd Stuckman