the easy way

The easiest thing to do is to blame others for your problems.
If you are not being promoted blame the boss,
As he favors those who please him.
If your work could not finish on time blame a co-worker,
For not handing over the required file or data.
If late for work, blame the traffic.
For health problems, blame the environment, fast-food and everything else.
The list is virtually endless,
And nothing will change if you don’t change,
By taking the blame upon yourself.
Unless you find the reasons for your failure, unhappiness and frustration from within,
You will reach nowhere.
Blaming others only helps to take the focus off you,
And to get the picture right, the focus has to be on you.
Only then can you change, bit by bit, day by day.
The day you accept this truth will be the day,
That will lead the way to peace, success and happiness.

Gurdip Hari

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