Flight simulator trip around the world.

I have played around with Flight Simulator for a number of years now, never really a lot, but just for fun once in a while.

I have often thought about seeing how hard it would be to circumnavigate the globe in a small aircraft, and started out a few times to see how far I could get.

Well, I am trying again, and this time I am going to try and log my journey here. I decided to start in Hawaii, as getting from there to anywhere in a small prop job can be a challenge. My Final Destination will be the airport in Nappanee Indiana.

I am using one of the default aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator X, a Beechcraft King Air 350, that has roughly a 1700 mile range. This makes it an interesting trip due to the distance limitations. I hope it all works out.

My first leg of the journey will be a 1223 mile flight from Keahole Hawaii to the island of Kiribati.  From there, we will see where it ends up.

Keahole Hawaii, The starting Point


And 1223 miles to the south:

Christmas Island

Wish me luck on my E-Journey!



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