I am a different 99%

This is my version of the whole 99% thing. revised it a bit. 

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I am a 47-year-old man, working a full-time job, making around $30,000 a year. I am barely keeping up on my bills. I don’t have health insurance. My car luckily is still running so I can get back and forth to work. I live in a broken down house, and have 2 teenage children, and I am recently divorced. I am barely scraping by week to week, wondering if there is going to be enough money in my next paycheck, to put food on the table and pay the bills.

I got to this position by not being motivated to Excel. I was a below average student  in high school, and I never looked to the future. I don’t blame my parents,  Wall Street, the Rich, or the Government for this, it is my own fault. Even if it wasn’t my fault, I wouldn’t whine about it, Instead I am very thankful for what I have, Because things in the grand scheme of things, it could be A Lot worse.

I taught myself most of the skills I currently have, and I am learning on my own continually, so I can perform better at my job. I also look at other ways to earn more money. I do not blame others for my situation, and I do not expect them to give me handouts. That would just be greedy. I would not turn down assistance if was offered, but I will not beg for it, nor will I expect it. I will however, continue to work to improve my skills, and attitude. It’s silly to think that someone else owes me anything. If people have a caring heart they will offer assistance, but I do not begrudge them if they don’t. People should be allowed to keep what they earn, and use it as they see fit. It is not my place, nor the government’s, to take from anyone because I think they have too much.

I look at my taxes, and I can’t imagine what the Government is doing with all that money. I barely pay income taxes, because of my low wages, but there are so many others in there, that they still take far more than they should.  I also can’t believe they want more. The Government needs to stop wasting our money to make itself bigger. The Government is more of a road block to personal excellence that it is to improving life. If the Government was not so overbearing in this country, then the manufacturing industry would not be moving out to other places, so they can still turn a profit. We cannot expect existing business, and future businesses, to work in a country where it is nearly impossible to make money.

I believe that there may indeed be a few greedy people in wall street, but there are far more others that are Job creators, who are the employers of us 99%. I want the government to stop over-regulating the job creators, and stop trying to take more away from them, so they can offer better wages, and more jobs, so we can all be employed, and support ourselves with out assistance. If they did this, there would be no reason for the handouts they are trying to give out now. Our government is not Robin Hood. No one should be paying more money to the government, as all they do is waste it on useless programs that really don’t help.

I believe the government should make regulations, but not to the extent that it chokes the economy, and they should never have the need to create more government to enact any law they create. The federal Government should leave  enforcement up to the states.

I don’t think of medical insurance as a right, but a privilege. If the government tries to control the health care system the way they are, it will just degrade the quality of the best health care  system in the world.  Every time the government interferes with any private sector business, they make it far worse than it was before. In fact, too much government meddling is what caused the current medical service issues we have, and is what is causing the costs to be so high.

I believe that if the people have the power, as it was given to us by our constitution, and the government would back off and be what it is supposed to be, the country would be in a far better situation that it is now.

I also don’t believe that writing this down on a piece of paper and hiding behind it in a picture makes what I have to say have any more  impact. In fact, I think it just looks silly.

I am a different 99%.


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  1. I agree that the govt has gotten to big for our britches! What happened to govt for and by the people? Out the window like most everything our founding fathers started for this great country! We need to get back to our roots! We need for our children to learn what USA was ment to be! They are our future and the govt is trying to ‘teach’ them to follow the pack not to be individuals! You go man! Put it out there and let the citizens see!

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