Toolbars are evil

Okay maybe not all of them, but for the most part tool bars that get added to your browser will make your web experience much less enjoyable.

Some tool bars do indeed offer some useful features, like blocking bad phishing sites, page rankings, etc., However most of them have one main purpose. to call back home, and let the tool bar creators know where you are surfing, to get a better idea of what advertisements to deliver.

Keep in mind, that when a tool bar does this, it’s adding more connections out to the internet, taking more resources on your computer, taking more time to load your web page. While you may not notice a difference with one tool bar loaded, it tends to add up. I have found computers that had 3 or more tool bars loaded, that would take sometimes 2 minutes to pull up one web site. Take those tool bars out, and the web pages load in a couple seconds.

I have helped many people out with their computers, and their biggest complaint is the computer is running slow. When I look at their browser, I usually find 3-4 tool bars installed, which not only slows the computer itself down, but takes up half the room on their browser window. so web pages barely can load, and the ones that do, you have to scroll twice as much to see it all.

In our house, I make sure that if a tool bar gets loaded on any of our computers, it gets removed quickly. Saves us so much time and trouble.


Seriously, if you have browser tool bars loaded, get rid of em.



1 thought on “Toolbars are evil

  1. Randy, so true. Google’s toolbar had a bug in it (a long time ago). And it killed the web browser consistently. I believe it went as far as hosing up Windows (XP) itself. Until browsers have a “sandbox” that each plugin plays in (and can be independently shutdown when it misbehaves) toolbars should be avoided at all costs.

    But, like you said, they should be avoided anyway because they’re creeping on your online activity.

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