Working on comming back.

Ok, I haven’t blogged in forever, due to various issues, but I hope to change that.  I have decided to change direction a bit for this page, and make it my Blog, and move the community site to Also, I am working on a few other community sites, which I will post here whenever I get un-lazy and make them operational.  This page will just be for fun, blogging, whatever I decide I want to talk about.

I hope I can get a few people to join in every now and again, and find a way to make this page and any of the others I am working on more appealing, so that I get some regulars.


As always, If anyone wants to express there opinions about anything, this is a good place to go! I do moderate it just to keep the language PG, but I also believe wholeheartedly in free speech, and welcome any topics you wish to discuss.


Please, if you are a Bremen Business, even just a single person looking for a little free advertizements, check out, and fill out the form, so you can have a free web presence.


Will add more later. Till then, See ya Later!


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