the nixle program for the town of bremen


Bremen Police Department has implemented the Nixle program for the Town of Bremen. is an additional tool for communicating a variety of messages to the public. It will only be used by authorized personnel to convey authorized messages. is a free, secured website for the Town of Bremen’s use only. It will broadcast a variety of messages to its subscribers based on settings selected by the sender and the subscriber. The messages are sent to cell phones by way of text message, to email and to the website. The Bremen Police Department will only issue messages that apply to the incorporated areas of the Town of Bremen. The messages will be issued in one of the following four categories.

Alerts: any situation that requires immediate action by the public such as evacuations, missing persons, hazardous conditions or situations, tornado and thunderstorm warnings.

Advisories: any situation that public awareness would promote safety and/or assist the Town of Bremen’s public services such as winter weather warnings, tornado and thunderstorm watch, fog, snow covered or slippery roads, criminal investigations.

Community: any event or announcement that is sponsored by or released for a Town of Bremen department.

Traffic: road closings or road work.

To receive messages, subscribers must go to and sign-up. Subscribers are responsible for the cost of any text message they may receive. Any questions please call the Bremen Police Department at 546-3456.


Chief Matthew Hassel

Bremen Police Department

123 South Center Street

Bremen, IN 46506


5/13/2010 12:00:00 AM

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