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Jack Jordan

Final Reflections on the Jack Jordan for Congress Campaign:

Personal Reflections:

A newspaper reporter asked me the day after the campaign loss to summarize my feelings in one word…the word I gave him was “humbled.”  Humbled by the undeserved sacrifices so many people made to try to help me be the next 2nd District U.S. Representative.

So, as I write this to you, I was and am humbled by your very kind and generous support of our campaign.  I can never thank you enough for all you did to try to help us win!   It was a “long shot” from the beginning, but you were willing to take the risk and try to do something about stopping the continuation of politics and politicians as usual.   I appreciate your very, very kind support and the undeserved sacrifices you made with your time and energy.  Thank you.

Although disappointed, (because I truly believe politicians are not the right ones to lead us out of this mess…along with the complete lack of necessary real world experiences in Washington D.C. ) I rest in the reality that God is completely in control and He faithfully answered my daily pray, “Thy will be done” with the results of this election.   One dear friend said he was disappointed by the results for about 2 minutes and then moved on to the reality that I can now get back to “not being absent” from my kid’s last 2 years of high school like I’ve been the last several months.   So, although I’m disappointed by the results, I’m at complete peace by God’s faithfulness and the decision voters made on May 4th.   In our great country and the wonderful freedom we have in our elective process, the voters have spoken!

Political Reflections:

I learned much from this campaign.   I was hoping that the “perceived anger and frustration” at politics and politicians as usual would turn into voter turn-out and votes.   But that just didn’t happen.   I under-estimated the basics of name recognition and “establishment” politics as very powerful forces for an “outsider” to overcome.  We were unable to catch up in name recognition with our 4 months of efforts vs. Jackie’s 6 years of visibility.  Additionally, although the “anti-establishment” rhetoric is high right now…the “establishment” comes with hundreds of volunteers to work phone banks, go door-to-door, and work the polling stations.   It is truly not an outsider’s game.   It would have taken us a year to 18 months of hard work to even come close to that kind of volunteer support.   It is interesting to note that out of all the early primary elections in Indiana, Ohio, and North Carolina that every “establishment candidate” has won every major office election.   I’m not complaining…it is just the “political reality” we live in.

Cass County/Logansport:  It is interesting to note that the one area which is truly outside of the South Bend media market (hence, both candidates starting with no name recognition), a neutral “establishment” and a group of wonderful volunteers who did an outstanding job….the vote was:  Jordan – 2,720 votes and Walorski – 1,589 votes.   Hence, reinforcing my political reflections from above.

Final Thoughts:

#1 – I lost this election fair and square.   Congratulations to Jackie for her victory.   It continues to be critical for the Republicans to win back the House, Senate, and Presidency in the 2010 and 2012 elections or, I’m deeply concerned by what America our kids and grandkids will experience in the years to come.   So, we continue to have a lot of hard work to do!

#2 – How can I ever thank you enough?   I’m so very humbled by your underserved support and help.  Thank you!

#3 – A very special thanks to Sheila Stuckman, Jeremy Pitcher, Tammy Houin, and Todd Hudson who just kept “going and going and going” in their help to this campaign.

#4 – And my amazing wife!  The total commitment and sacrifices she made to ever be by my side in this campaign.   I am blessed infinitely beyond what I deserve by having her in my life!

With Sincere Appreciation,

Jack Jordan

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