and the cell phone saga continues, or starts over.

Well, I thought that the whole problem with My Wife’s phone was over. I guess I was wrong. Yes, we did get a new Phone after much complaining about the old one that went dead, and they tried to blame everything but the crappy phone.

My wife does have a nice looking phone now, a Samsung Impression. It is very pretty, and she was very happy when she got it.

However, it appears there are problems with this one as well. This phone refuses to send texts every now and then, and has to be shut off, and restarted. I though the first time was a fluke, but then it happened again tonight..

so I started to check out the issue on the web. In searching for ‘samsung impression text’, I came across numerous entries….on AT&Ts  Forums!!

Here are some example entries:

Re: Samsung Impression – Almost daily problems with text messaging…..

CRAPPY Customer Service

I have the same problem! AT&T CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS THOUGH. They wont even give me a new phone when I bought two of these pieces of crap. $400 in paperweights! I have to turn on and off my phone 4-5 times a day. It freezes and has dropped calls. I’ve had to call, and call and call warranty and 611.(probably about 30 times now) They just keep passing me around. And they are going to send me a old, used phone, for a new one i just bought! If I could sue them, I would. For inconvenience! For the frustration! For the bull crap! And for having to explain myself to the dumb dumbs at the customer service line and the warranty line. Seriously, how many times should you have to explain yourself to someone before they get the point that your phone isn’t working??? I would NEVER recommend at&t to anyone! Tell them to stay away, far far away, unless you want nothing but problems! You add a line for 9.99, they want 200 to disconnect, what kinda crap is that?

its the network. its not you, it at&t’s problem and they wont fix it because they suck! They don’t know how to treat their customers. They say you are valued, the heck you aren’t. If we were valued, we would all get new phones and they would recall the impression!


aahhhggg, tell me it isn’t true. my phone has not sent a text message for almost a full day. it ruined a conversation i was having with someone. communication errors are FATAL. anyway, i bought the phone like a week ago, but i REALLY like it. i love the touch screen and the keyboard, A LOT. if i return this phone do i really have an alternative? something like it or better, because i forked out 300 bucks for this bad boy and i want something just as capable.

I hope this problem gets resolved soon for the sake of all of us here. and especially for people who love to text as much as i do.


Mine locked up 4 times yesterday…. My Eternity was not any better really except it didn’t lock up. The volume went up and down like a yo yo during calls to where my friends quit calling me on it and starting calling me at work…. I think I’ll stay away from Samsung after this and waiting on the HTC Touch Pro 2 / Fortress. If it doesn’t materialize I’ll probably go to simpler phone altogether with a local carrier. Hello great call coverage and goodbye headache and spotty coverage… hehe.

I’m hoping for a firmware update to but have been told Samsung isn’t one to release new ones. Apple and RIM are about the only ones who do…. hope that changes


I am having the same problem, and after awhile it stops trying to send and the screen just shakes. I don’t know what to do, I took my first phone in and they gave me a replacement but it’s doing the same thing. Today, I had to turn my phone off FOUR times, so annoying!

I really like the phone but I can’t keep turning my phone on and off.

What phone should I look at maybe to switch it in for?

The lady at the store acted like she had no idea what I was talking about.


I bought an Impression outright for 399, upgrading from an Eternity. The Impression locked up a couple of times during the first week but I didn’t really think much of it since I’m not a heavy duty txt’er. Then I realized it was every couple of days and started wondering. I finally went through warranty service and got it replaced. The replacement locked up the very next evening after getting it. Both phones would lock up as “rarely” as 3 days but sometimes as often as 3-4 times during a day. I called warranty again mostly to tell them the replacement did it also. They offered another replacement but I saw no reason to after I read reports on here of people having as many as 4 handsets and all of them doing it. Last week a coworker told me her son’s HTC Fuze locked on txting as well as her daughter’s Eternity. Another friend just got a new LG Xenon and has had the same thing happen. So now I’m wondering if its a mix of the network Impression is the worst at navigating through the issue…. just a thought.

My Impression is a pretty nice phone but not fond of a few things…. the keyboard on my first one would “double strike” on the “e” key almost every txt. This one does it on “r” and “space” so I’m not too sure of the durability of the hardware keyboard. Odd thing is I have a hard time trying to replicate the double strikes on purpose. Maybe I’m all thumbs ! 🙂


This happens to me too. Don’t worry. I went into the store and asked to return it (bought 2 months ago) and they said “well, you are over the 30 day return’ll have to contact our warranty department and they’ll send you a replacement phone.”


This is absolute crap. I am not getting the same phone because they are all having the same problem. I’m trying to work out a deal with him because I did not pay over $200 for my phone not to work. Samsung also needs to come out with a press release on the issue and/or a software upgrade because this is simply unacceptable.


There are many more entries in this thread alone, and so many threads,  At this point, I can’t help but wonder what kind of network AT&T has.

It’s obvious to me, that this problem is very common. apparently there are no firmware fixes, and an outright refusal from both Samsung and AT&T that the problem is wide spread. I haven’t contacted them yet about this, as the second occurrence has just happened to the phone, and I just started doing the web search.  I plan on sending an E-mail to my Sales Rep as soon as I am done posting this entry. My sales rep has been nothing but helpful, and I really like her. But for a company as big as AT&T to have this many issues, and such poor customer service is ludicrous.  Judging from the many complaints about the customer service, I am wondering If I even want to try this time.


2 thoughts on “and the cell phone saga continues, or starts over.

  1. A lot of our local trouble is that AT&T hasn’t converted the towers from Centennial to full AT&T towers yet. This is causing a lot of the lockup & turn the phone on and off issues, as well as preventing T-Mobile customers from using their phones in Bremen and surrounding communities. Once those conversions have been completed (I’ve been given a timetable of about six months), we should see a major improvement in the service of our AT&T phones. My phone works great in Goshen, where there is true 3G AT&T service! However, in Bremen, I have trouble sending any picture messages or using the mobile web. It works a little, but not like it does in Goshen.

    There is hope for better service. I just wish we could pin down AT&T on a timetable for that improvement!

  2. It would be nice to hear some response from AT&T on the matter. I can believe that the conversion is causing some of the issues, however given the vast number of users on the AT&T forums that have had similar problems, I do believe they should take a closer look. The first one we had had numerous lockups before it died all together, and most of the time it was at her work on the north side of South bend. they have 3g up there. I will say that so far the texts refusing to send have been here in Bremen, so it is possible that it could be network related.

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