Cell phone nightmare over

After much debate, and a few more heated e-mails, as well as another person locally getting involved, AT&T finally fixed the problem today, and did an admirable  job.

They refunded the insurance charge, and allowed us to change out the problematic phones for something that is reasonable in the AT&T store for only the difference in the price. I am very pleased with the outcome, and the helpfulness of our sales rep at the store, and the situation now. the only drawback, is the fact that we had to go to such lengths to get this done.

I know that if I was not willing to endure the heated phone calls, and posting in this blog, and the involvement of others, that this wouldn’t have happened, and we would still have been stuck with a phone that was poorly designed. It just goes to show, that AT&T and other companies that have similar policies need to be stood up to if you want results.

Customer service is an important part of a companies image, and I hope this incident makes them think about that.

If anyone has similar experiences with AT&T or any other company trying to take advantage of a situation like this, Please let me know here!


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