Cell phone nightmare followup

I did some follow-up research on the ill genie on after the long fight I had with AT&T yesterday. Apparently this is a very common issue with the LG Neon.

I did a Google  search this morning on ” neon cracked screen” and came up with numerous instances of screen breakage with this phone.  Apparently the screens crack in no time at all when you get these phones, sometimes just a couple days,  which means of course any one who has one and uses it for more than a few days has there warranty voided when their screen cracks.  Pretty much makes the insurance a necessity.

Obviously AT&T knows this issue, and does everything they can to make sure that the customer is the one who ends up paying when it happens.  Mind you this is the fault of the manufacturer, LG, however being as so many people have this problem and it is an obvious known issue, I believe that AT&T should at least warn people that these phones have this problem.  I currently am very disappointed with AT&T, and I’ve always been disappointed with LG.

My next step will be to contact my sales Rep, and see if there’s a way I can replace the phone with a different one when they get the new one today.  Judging from all the problems I see on line with these phones, coupled with the responses you get from the AT&T personnel when you try to replace the phone, I think it’s best that they just get replaced by a different brand of phone.


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