Cell phone nightmare

I would like to share with you my experience today with AT&T.  We recently switched to AT&T from another cell phone company that was being bought by them.  Switching over to the AT&T was not a big deal, and everything went very well with that.  The problem started a couple months later when my wife’s phone stopped working while she was using it.  We tried everything to revive the phone but it will not power on any longer.

We took the phone to the AT&T store to see what they could do about it.  The Rep there took the phone, and examined it very thoroughly, did everything he could think of, and was unable to get it to power on as well.  We were then informed that this is a warranty issue and they were unable to do anything. He then gave us  a number for the phone manufacturer so we could get it replaced under warranty.  This was rather disheartening since AT&T is a cellular company,  and one would think that if you have a faulty phone you should be able to  take it back and get it replaced at the store.  But no, they expect you to call the manufacturer of the phone, or their warranty service, and go through a 2 to 3 day process to get your phone replaced. Apparently Customer service means ‘sales only’ when in comes to Cell phones.

The crack that Voids the Warranty

Since I didn’t have any choice we took the phone back home.  It was late in the evening so we decided that we would call in the morning and try to get this straightened out.  Today I called my original sales rep to find out what she would suggest, or if we could replace this phone with a different brand because I haven’t been happy with our current phone.  She informed me that they only have a 30 day replacement policy and anything after that you have to refer to the manufacture warranty, or  the phone insurance if you purchased it.  She was very helpful in getting me the information I needed to proceed, as she did note my dissatisfaction with the situation.

I then called the warranty center to try to get this situation resolved so we could get the phone replaced.  What I got instead was the third degree from the person on the other end of phone.  We went through a long drawn out process in trying to troubleshoot the phone, followed by the third degree about the phone, to verify that it was an abuse.  What it came down to was there is a very small crack in the glass front between two buttons.  This is the only blemish on the phone.  But due to that one little crack that was in the face of the phone the warranty is void and they will not replace it.  Instead, we had to go through the insurance claim that they have on the phone,(which means we have to pay a $50.00 replacement fee).  I found this to be very disturbing, as is phone has not been abused at all.  I also find it hard to believe that they will blame an electrical problem with the phone, (it will not power up), on abuse because of a minor little crack in the glass on the front of the phone.  I made sure that the customer service Rep that I was speaking to knew that I was very displeased.

One would think that customer satisfaction would be important to a company like this.  But instead we have to be without the phone for 2 to 3 days, and because of a small crack in the glass front, it’s our fault. Given the placement of the cracked Glass, it appears to me to be a design flaw if anything. It’s in a place where the glass is very narrow, and I tend to believe that this may be a bad design.  As you’ll see in the pictures the crack is between two buttons that are commonly used in the operation of the phone.  I hesitate to think that this might be designed this way on purpose, so they have an excuse not to honor their warranty, but that though has crossed my mind more than once.

I can’t help but wonder how many other of their customers have had some situation similar to this, and received this kind of treatment.  I can’t help but wonder  what reaction they would have, if there two month old car wouldn’t start, and the manufacturer voided the warranty because of a nick in the windshield. This appears to be the mode of thinking when it comes to phones.  between all the calls, to get this problem resolved still costs me an unjust charge against the insurance, and has made me  a very dissatisfied customer. Once this contract is up, I doubt that I will ever again do business with AT&T, and I would not suggest their service to anyone.  It’s very disappointing.  I understand protecting yourself from abuse, but this is way too far.

Looks great. Just dead.
no other blemishes at all on the phone.
Even on the back

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