Jack jordan’s response to recently passed health care bill

Jack Jordan

I am deeply disturbed by the passage of this nearly 3,000 page bill by the Democrats during the week of March 21st.  This is “health care malpractice” on several fronts!

1.  It  is  “representative malpractice”  for Joe Donnelly  to vote  for a bill which only 1 out of 3 Americans support.  (Fox News Sunday reported on March 21 that only 27% of Hoosiers supported this bill)

2.  It is “humanistic malpractice”  for  the  government  to  add  over 100  new federal bureaucracies which will ultimately come between doctors and their patients.  Additionally, beginning to ration care to our seniors by cutting Medicare by nearly $500B to fund this unwanted legislation is unacceptable!   Furthermore, we have no solid assurance that federal money won’t be used to fund abortions. Unacceptable!

3.  It  is  “fiscal malpractice” as every major entitlement program  implemented  in  the  U.S. or in Western Europe has always significantly exceeded the original cost estimates.   Look out for the onslaught of new taxes in the years and decades to come!

4.  It  is  “political malpractice” as  it was ultimately backroom deals and arm  twisting which got this specific unwanted bill passed.   I was and am truly embarrassed to see politicians at their worst with this type of behavior of working against the will of the American people!

If elected, I will do everything I can to repeal as much of this legislation as possible and work toward the healthcare reform which the American people want and deserve.

Jack Jordan
Republican Candidate – 2nd
District U.S. Congressional Seat

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