Making bremen a destination part 2

this is the second part of the report from Bill Davis from the Chamber of Commerce.


The Town of Bremen…A Destination Part 2

By: Bill Davis – President Bremen Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

In my last article I ended with the three new initiatives the Chamber would undertake in 2009,

  1. Take on the challenge of design, funding and implementation of an improvement to our town entrances. This would include the West Side at 106, North Side at 331, and the East Side near where the Depot will be housed.
  2. Develop a marketing plan for the Town of Bremen that will promote our town as a destination for business, individuals seeking a great place to live, and visitors that are looking for a town to visit
  3. Assist the Town of Bremen in developing a downtown redevelopment plan that will attract new investment and commerce.

The town entrance project is in full swing with the help of Bremen’s own Matthew VanSoest an architecture fellow at Ball State University. The project would involve new signage and landscaping at each of the towns entrances. We are seeking input from community members that have experience in either of these areas to assist us.

As far as the marketing plan project this involves establishing our most compelling assets and building upon them. I will attempt to summarize the strengths identified this year at our Community Development Conference under some general categories of hard assets, soft assets, and Attractions/Programs.

Hard Assets

  • Newly renovated school building
  • Bremen’s own electric and water facilities
  • New soccer field, tennis courts, and swimming pool.
  • Lake of the Woods
  • Good Parks System
  • Modern Library
  • Retirement Center / Independent Living Facility
  • State Police Post and Post Office
  • Senior Center and Low Income Apartments
  • 18 Hole Golf Course
  • Lutheran School
  • Modern Fire and Police Department
  • New Hospital and Doctors Hospital
  • Farms and Farm Land
  • Multiple retail and dining establishments
  • Strong Industrial Base
  • Local Food Pantry
  • Banks and Car Dealership options
  • Popular Campground

Soft Assets

  • GOOD Town
  • Bedroom Community
  • School System Size
  • Skilled Workforce
  • Good Spiritual Community Base
  • Low Tax Rate
  • Clean Water and Sewers
  • Growing Latino Population
  • ESL educational programs
  • Amish Community
  • Progressive Town Council
  • Strong Health Care System
  • Church Collaboration
  • Very Self Reliant in taking care of its own people
  • Amazing youth sports programs
  • Community PRIDE
  • Self Sustaining Town
  • Great Place to raise children
  • Low Crime Rate
  • Close to various modes of transportation (Air,Rail, Highway)

Attractions and Programs

  • Firemen’s Festival and Parade
  • Koontz Antique Tractor Show
  • Kiwanis Club Monthly Travelogue and Weekly Meetings
  • Letter Carrier Food Drive
  • Personal Care Product Drive
  • United Way Campaign
  • 4 Preschool and pre-K Programs
  • Annual Holy Walk
  • Annual Christmas Lighting Ceremony
  • Annual Homespun Holiday Retail Days
  • Dollars for Scholars Fundraiser
  • Historic Bremen Group
  • Annual Leadership and Youth Awards Dinner
  • Bremen Day at the Cove
  • Lake of the Woods Recreation
  • Yellow River Kayaking (Proposed)
  • Revitalized Downtown Shopping District (Proposed)
  • New Community Center (Proposed)

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