Donnelly votes in favor of ‘deem and pass’ process for health care bill

From the Jackie Walorski campaign:

$940 Billion Bill Now Set to Pass Without Vote

(Mishawaka, IN) – Despite polls that show 3 out of 4 Americans oppose the current $940 billion health care bill, Rep. Joe Donnelly today voted in favor of allowing a weekend vote on the legislation through a constitutionally questionable process known as ‘deem-and-pass.’  Donnelly’s vote clears the path for Nancy Pelosi and the House leadership to pass the health care bill without an up-or-down vote.

“This is a sad day for the Constitution,” said 2nd Congressional District Candidate Jackie Walorski. “Rep. Donnelly had an opportunity to stand up for Hoosiers, to stand up for the Constitution and to be accountable for his vote on what could be the most significant legislation in a generation. Instead, he has decided to stand with Nancy Pelosi, ignore the Constitution and ignore the will of the people.”

“This bill will affect every man, woman and child in America,” said Walorski. “We deserve to know where our elected officials stand on this issue and we deserve the ability to hold them accountable.”

Again, more of a news article been a campaign update but I’ve come to expect that at this point. Whoever is writing this stuff should really consider focusing on more campaign update and less newspaper article.

It would’ve been nice if after she said we deserve to know where our official stand on this issue, if she would’ve said where she stands on the issue,  rather than just saying she opposes it.  This is the kind of thing that annoys me about politicians in general.  There never afraid to speak out against something, but when you try to get their view on the subject it tends to get a little shady.
If I were running for office, I would probably say something like:

‘I oppose this bill because with such a sweeping overhaul of the system that is already working, all be it not perfectly, if you radically change the system this radically the cost will be enormous, and tempers will rise on both sides of the issue.  We do need to improve the regulation on the insurance companies, but taking such drastic measures will only destroy the system. I would propose legislation that would include tort reform, legislation against the nine people coverage for preexisting conditions, and I would also support legislation to allow people to shop for insurance across state lines.  These few changes would be a good first step to reforming Health Care.’
I think a response similar that would be more appropriate than just saying we need to stop this legislation and ending it there.  Maybe that’s why I’m not a politician.


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