Health care or welfare?

You know, I look at the current state of our government system and I have to wonder what ever happened to our representatives actually representing the people?  It seems logical to me that the way the system is set up the bill should come before Congress it should be debated for a short period and then voted yes or no, and be done.  Instead, what we have going through Congress now, is something that the vast majority of the people of America have rejected, instead of being voted on they keep changing it and changing it, until nobody can understand it, and now they’re trying to force it to be passed.

A couple years back, I watched the same thing happen in our state government.  Indiana did not observe daylight saving time and a majority of the residents of the state did not want to observe daylight savings time.  Yet our governor felt it was necessary to force the issue and push it through Congress in the state.  Now its something that the people of Indiana are stuck with.

Is this really the way government is supposed to work in this country?  Is our government really supposed to take an unpopular bill and force the American people to deal with it?  I really think our founding fathers did not have this in mind when they wrote the constitution.  For that Matter, when was the last time any of our congressmen actually look at the constitution?  It just seems to me that our current politicians need to go.  I really think that the incumbents in Congress need to be eliminated.  I really think that politicians are not the correct people to lead this country.  It seems to me that the people doing business in this country, the regular people living in this country, and not career politicians, are the ones that should be running it.  I can’t for the life of me understand why our congressmen think that  a bill that’s over 2000 pages long that nobody really understands what’s in it is a good thing for the country.  Obviously we need a big change in Washington and it needs to happen now.
Most of the experts opinions that I have read over the last few months  agree that small businesses are going to either go out of business, or stop having ‘full time’ employees, so they will not have to offer health insurance, since they will be unable to afford to. Then it’s going to be up to the individual to decide, can I afford insurance or should I just take the fine and deal with it.  I can’t for the life of me see how all this is going to be cost effective, except of course that more money will be headed to Washington.

Both the candidates for the republican seat in the second district have expressed to me that this bill these to be taken down and we need to start over with a bill that makes sense.  The republicans over the past year have offered many alternatives to this bill mind you in in a lot smaller form, but it seems that the American people are only being given two choices: Pass this monstrosity, or leave things as a as.  I truly believe that our leadership needs to be more in touch with its constituents, and a little less concerned with controlling everything that the American people are doing.  This year could be a very wild ride, and good or bad, change needs to come and needs to come now.  I don’t feel that we can wait until November to send a message to our congressmen.  I am no one to call on a march on Washington or anything like that, but I believe things like this need to happen this week.  We need to make sure that our representatives understand that this is not what the American people want!  We need to make our representatives understand that they are there as a representative for us, the American people, and not for their own special interests.  They are not there just to represent big business.  They’re not there just to represent the unions.  Every congressman  that is in office now needs to take a step back and think about who they are there to represent.  It’s apparent to me that a community organizer is not the correct choice as the leader of this country.

I also have to wonder why it is that our alleged leader spends more time  flying around the world and giving speeches that even reading bills he has in Congress.  Did we elect a president, or did we elect a spokesperson for the progressive democratic party?  If our president stays on the path he seems to have chosen, he’s not going to be a one term president, he will be 1/2 term president.  With all the unpopular legislation he is pushing through Congress right now, it’s obvious to me he is not interested in promoting the general welfare, which in the words of the constitution is one of his duties, but he is more interested in making sure that small businesses and individuals do not have a chance to succeed.  I’m sure if he manages to pass the health care bill, cap & trade will be following shortly.  The combination of these two bills will make it nearly impossible for small businesses in this country to succeed.  And I’m sure it will not stop there.

Our representatives in Washington really need to understand that this is the information age.  There are a lot more people today that follow what they are doing in Washington, and there a lot more people that understand that most of this is wrong.  I really feel that any of the state’s that have poor performing representatives in office and also have legislation in place that they can do recall elections need to push forward with this now.  I also believe that we need more real people running for office not politicians.  I believe that term limits at this point are a must!

I don’t know what I can do to affect the outcome of this current mess going through Congress, but I do hope that a vast majority of the people who are opposed to the unpopular legislation up before us, start calling their senators and representatives now and let them know that we cannot have this.  This administration is already spent too much of our money on supporting bigger government, which is unsustainable.  I think at this point if we hope to have any voice and all it has to be in the form of phone calls.  The democrats in Congress are pushing for a vote this week on the health care bill.  Mail will not have a chance to get there at this point, and make any real impact.  I really hope that we have a chance to make our representatives pay attention to us, and start over on a bill that makes sense.

Forgive the fuming, but I am rather disappointed  in the Government at this point.


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