Jack & jackie take two

Last month, I entered a post concerning the 2nd district race.

To my surprise, it generated interest from both republican candidates, and I had the privlage of having a sit down discussion with both Jackie Walorski, and Jack Jordan.

Both interviews went well. and pointed out some real differences in the candidates. it’s been a month since the first article, and am reciving campaign updates from both Jack & Jackie, which I try and post up here as often as I get them. If you take a look at them, the differences are pretty clear.

Here is an excerpt from one of the updates from Jackie Walorski:

(Mishawaka, IN) – In the past two months, the campaign of 2nd Congressional District Candidate Jackie Walorski has made over 10,000 volunteer phone calls, met with hundreds of voters at dozens of events all across the district, and been recognized by the National Republican Congressional Committee as a campaign that is officially ‘On the Radar’ in terms of exceeding grassroots and fundraising benchmarks. Building upon that momentum, today Walorski announced the endorsement of the 2nd Congressional District Republican Party and several local Party leaders.

“We’ve been working extremely hard throughout this campaign to reach out to voters across the district, put out the message that we want to end the out-of-control spending in Washington, and invite people to be a part of our effort,” said Walorski. “We continue to be humbled by the response.”

Here is another one:

(Mishawaka, IN) –Moments after the cameras stopped rolling at yesterday’s Health Care Summit in Washington, Congressional Democrats were openly planning to move forward with the President’s health care proposal as early as next week, despite polls showing that Americans oppose the plan 3 to 1.

“Americans were hopeful yesterday’s summit would reset the health care debate and yield a bipartisan process going forward. What they got was a show,” said Walorski campaign spokesman Matt Kirby. “It’s pretty clear now that Congressional Democrats have been planning all along to push a health care takeover at all costs without bipartisan support and now without the support of the vast majority of Americans.”

While both of these updates contain pertinent information about the campaign, and what Jackie is doing, it appears to be written by a reporter/journalist who is a part of the campaign. Now I realize that Jackie is busy, and probably can’t sit down and write these out herself, I can read things like this in a news paper, and after a while, they all seem to sound alike.

Jack Jordan’s updates are much less frequent, but very different. Here is an example.

Jack Jordan Campaign Update – March 8, 2010

I am excited to update you on “our” campaign.  It has been a busy time, and only gets busier between now and Primary Election Day, May 4th.   But what a privilege to work on the opportunity to ultimately represent you.    I continue to be humbled by the very kind support so many people are willing to give.   Thank you!

I believe a citizen candidate has to possess 2 traits:  A strong core of uncompromising principles and a real commitment to listen to people so that their member of Congress will truly represent the people of their district.   Needless to say, I’ve tried to spend a lot of time over the past couple of weeks listening.

As you can see, Jack’s updates seem to be more from Jack, and do not appear to be from a reporter. While this doesn’t necessarily make either one of them the better choice, it does appear that Jack is a bit more involved in his own campaign. Again, Jackie is currently working in the state house, so she does have a lot on her plate, and I cannot fault her for that.

I went to both of the candidates web sites again today as well.  I first went to Jackie Walorski’s Site to see what was new there:

Jackie’s site has changed a little. the press releases are there, she has a daily briefing area, (opens a PDF file),  and that is pretty much it.

After I was done there, I also checked out Jack Jordan’s Site.

Jack’s page has changed quite a bit. They now have a media section that has  the various commercials running, a couple announcements from local TV stations,  and an  interview he did on WSBT Radio.I would encourage everyone to listen to the interview if nothing else.

The most important change in My view, is the section on Jack’s Stances. While they are very brief, he clearly states his position on many issues here that many will find important. I hope to see more of this type of campaign style.

The campaign is starting to ramp up for both candidates. Jackie does have the advantage, and many endorsements, but I do believe that Jack will appeal to a great many people, and can in no way be counted out at this point. Everyone needs to form their own opinion of course, and I encourage everyone to check both candidates out. It’s important for everyone to choose the candidate that they feel  will do the job effectively.


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