Jack jordan campaign update – march 8, 2010

I am excited to update you on “our” campaign.  It has been a busy time, and only gets busier between now and Primary Election Day, May 4th.   But what a privilege to work on the opportunity to ultimately represent you.    I continue to be humbled by the very kind support so many people are willing to give.   Thank you!

I believe a citizen candidate has to possess 2 traits:  A strong core of uncompromising principles and a real commitment to listen to people so that their member of Congress will truly represent the people of their district.   Needless to say, I’ve tried to spend a lot of time over the past couple of weeks listening.    Let me give you several examples of what I am hearing.

–          South Bend:  More of a focus on personal responsibility for one’s life rather than looking to the government to solve a person’s problems.  (Saying “no” to a rapidly growing federal government.)

–           LaPorte:  The fear that many of our seniors have about the future sustainability of Medicare and Social Security.  (The unfunded liability for Medicare alone now stands at $38 Trillion!)

–          Akron:  “Enough is Enough” with politicians…how they are too influenced by lobbyists and how they make lucrative careers out of their political lives.

–          Bremen:  Terrorists are not criminals but are enemy combatant. So  it is not about Miranda rights,  but getting as much information out of them as possible so we can stop the next attack.

–          Mishawaka:  The promises to veterans keep getting broken as there continues to be no veteran’s hospital nearby…so, off to Ft. Wayne and Indianapolis they go.   Unacceptable.

I could go on and on…but the bottom line I keep hearing is “Enough is Enough”!  Enough with politics as usual and enough of politicians who keep bombarding Hoosiers with their misguided policies.

We had the privilege of meeting with several Republican county chairs these past few weeks.  Talk about a thankless job!   They put in a significant amount of work behind the scenes and yet get very little recognition for all they do.   Their help and insight for our campaign was much appreciated.

On the campaign front, we continue to push ahead with an aggressive communication plan to get our message out.   And it will only get more aggressive between now and May 4th.   You can be assured, we are truly playing to win!

Lastly, as I was quoted in a South Bend Tribune article last week, I am extremely excited about being involved in a contested primary.   It truly does give voters a very clear and distinct choice between voting for politicians or a true citizen candidate.  As a citizen candidate date, I’ve been blessed with life opportunities which have provided me with extensive real world experience in business, healthcare, education, and humanitarian efforts.  Most politicians have spent their energies learning how to cut deals to get the agenda which will result in their re-election.   And to that we say, “Enough is Enough!”

With much appreciation,

Jack Jordan


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