Jack jordan february 17th update

Jack Jordan Campaign Update – February 17, 2010

Thank you for your interest in “our” citizens campaign.  I appreciate the opportunity to briefly update you on a few campaign items.   Before I do that, however, what a surprising announcement as Senator Evan Bayh detailed his decision to not seek re-election.   I take him at his word that “Washington is broken” and that he “has had enough.”    That is the entire point of our campaign!  “Enough is Enough!”  Washington IS broken.  Politicians HAVE messed things up.  Politicians are NOT the right people to lead us out of this mess.   This is exactly why we have decided to offer voters of the 2nd district a much better option:   a true non-politician, a citizen candidate with extensive real world experience.  “Our” campaign is about having someone who truly represents the people of the 2nd district rather than having a candidate who is striving to further his or her political career.

A few highlights from this week:

–          There was a featured political article in Sunday’s South Bend Tribune following my interview with Jack Colwell.  For those of you who missed it, he highlighted the 2nd district congressional race as a “dog race.”  Specifically, Joe Donnelly is a “Blue Dog”, Jackie Walorski is a “Pit Bull Dog”, and Jack Jordan is the “Under Dog”.   And to that I say, there is nothing more fun than winning in an upset victory…and with your help, that is exactly what we can and will do!

–          In the spirit of political humor, my wife, Hope, actually reframed the entire article as:  Joe Donnelly:  More like Nancy Pelosi’s lap dog,  Jackie Walorski:  Pit Bull dogs are unpredictable and actually scare me,  Jack Jordan:  The lead Alaskan Iditarod Race Dog…someone who actually knows where we need to go and will lead us there!  (Yes, I have a fun and adoring wife!)

–          Examples of this past week’s events:  Meeting with community bankers, radio interviews, Pheasants Forever annual meeting, Legislative breakfast at IUSB, and attending my daughter’s swim sectionals!

In addition, for those of you who might not have heard it yet and who have the capability to download, attached to this e-mail is the introductory 60-second radio commercial which has run hundreds of times around the 2nd district over the last few weeks.


#1 – Be ready for a more a “specific ask” for help during the March and April timeframe.   I’ve been humbled by the hundreds of people who have volunteered to “help out any way I can.”  We have a very specific plan for victory…and you will play a VERY CRITICAL role in our road to victory between now and May 4.

#2 – Please forward this e-mail to friends and family around the district who might be saying “Enough is Enough” with current policies and politicians.  They can certainly learn more about our campaign and our principles by going to www.jackjordanforcongress2010.com.

With sincere gratitude,

Jack Jordan

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