Jack vs. jackie

Jack Jordan
Jackie Walorski

It appears that Jack Jordan is getting busy on the campaign trail now. I heard his Adds on WSBT radio on Friday, after the my interview with Jackie Walorski. I also see that they have their Facebook site up, and are actively updating that. Still no Twitter account, but I am hopeful that is coming in the near future.

A couple people had indicated to me that the radio spots that Jack Jordan had playing  ‘made it sound like Jackie was the enemy’, and not Joe Donnelly.  I spent Friday afternoon listening to the radio to discover if this was true, as I believe that one of the biggest mistakes a candidate  can make is to go negative against their opponent. I did finally hear the spot, and while it was slightly negative, it was more against career politicians, and not specific. I could really find no fault in that, especially since that is the platform he is running on.

Still, I am not impressed with the lack of specifics on the issues, by either campaign thus far. Oh, I know that they do this on purpose, and they will give us excuses as to why, (like the issues today may not be valid come election time), but to me, and many others out there, this is just buffalo chips. Both Candidates need to get with the 21st century, and realize that taking a stance on the issues early, shows us voters that they have backbone. They also have to realize that once they take a stand, they need to stick with it. Over the next few months, during the run up to the primaries, the campaign will be all about who they are, and what they stand for. If they refuse to get this information out there, it will be a rough time for both of them.

Currently neither campaign has impressed me, and when it comes to the election, I want a strong opponent for Joe Donnelly, not just someone who is better than the incumbent. That was the very thing that got Barack Obama elected to Office. there wasn’t a good choice against him.

The other point both the republican candidates need to understand is that they need to hit the internet hard. they need frequent updates on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and even lowly blogs like this one. the majority of Americans see the liberal bias in the mainstream media, even the on the local level. I don’t even pay attention to the local news anymore. I will only go to their web sites for non-political stories. The real fight these candidates are going to have will be waged here on the internet. Social Media sites are wildly popular now, and the more  prevalent they are on these sites, the more likely they will be heard.


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