A talk with with jackie walorski

After I made the post about the 2nd district race, I sent links to both Jack Jordon’s & Jackie Walorski’s Info e-mail addresses just to let them know about the article, and to see if they would consider responding  to the questions I posted. To my surprise, I did get an answer back very quickly from the campaign managers of both candidates.

Jack Jordan’s Campaign manager thanked me for pointing out the article, and informed me that Jack has been working on more substantial web content this week, and encouraged me to check back for updates and concrete stances on the tough issues.Pretty much the response I expected t this point, being as it is quite early in the game.

Jackie Walorski’s campaign manager also  thanked me for the heads up on the article, and for checking out their site. He also mentioned that they are working on more in-depth information. and assured me that their goal was to to give us a site that will provide answers to all my questions, and asked for patience.  Again, pretty typical response at this point in the game.

However, this is where the part comes in that I didn’t expect: Her Campaign manager indicated that Jackie would be in Bremen on Friday, and suggested a sit down with her if I was available. I called him back a short time later and we indeed set up a meeting here in Bremen! I will say that it does impress me, that they are taking time to come down and answer here in person! This does bode well for for her campaign.

I met her today a the Italian coffee bar here in Bremen. it was very nice to sit and talk to her and have the chance to find out what she thinks, and I do commend her for going the extra step to meet with the common folk. I had the questions that were on the blog yesterday, as well as the ones below that I wrote up last night. I asked her if she had seen the questions, and she indicated that she had just read them in the car before coming into the coffee bar.

I must say at this point, that my first impression was correct. she definitely  had the politician hat on today.  While she probably does good talking to a crowd, and giving speeches, she does need to learn to slow down and listen a bit more. I got the impression that I was mostly listening to talking points, and found it was difficult to figure out where her stance was on the issues. Still, it is early on in the campaign, and I do understand that she may not have her positions well defined this early, however she does need to get that type of information out there and quickly, if she wants to come across as a strong leader. Jackie did talk in depth about the health care system here in indiana, and about the various ways that our state has kept costs down. She indicated that in Indiana we do have our own version of Tort Reform, and that it has attracted many good medical professionals to our state.

Whenever I got the chance, I did try and get her views on several of the topics, however she did tend to be very non committal. Again, this is probably due to the timing of the campaign, so I can’t really hold that against her. All in all it was a fairly decent meeting, with a few pointed exceptions:

I made it a point to ask her what she thought of her opponent, Jack Jordan. She indicated the she only met him for the first time this morning at the IUSB event. She then also made it a point to mention that she saw him as another person out to ‘buy’ the election. I am not sure this was the best thing she could have said, since he is after all his hometown, and I am not sure how I feel about that. It probably would not have struck a cord that much with me, however I received a call yesterday evening  from a friend, who is actively involved in her campaign. When he talked to me, he tried to make exactly the same argument. I got the distinct indication that they had already formed ‘talking points’ against Jack. Again, I do understand this behavior, they are trying to win an election. But it does make it obvious that we are dealing with politicians here, which is exactly what Jack Jordan is campaigning against.

I then tried to  turn the conversation to  the original questions I asked, (which can be found here), and also showed her the questions below, to again get at least a general idea of her stance on the issues. Again, I couldn’t get her stand on the issues, and I did indicate that I was not really looking for a specific answer during our meeting. we did talk about the fact that none of the immigration  talking points out there are a ‘magic bullet’ and she did agree that getting the undocumented workers at least registered in some way would go a long way. this did please me.

All in all it was a very good meeting, but I do believe that she needs to do a bit more listening, and maybe work a little less on spouting the talking points when in a small venue. Jackie is without a doubt the front runner in the campaign at this point. hopefully we will find out soon what Jack Jordon has to offer. Both candidates really need to understand that we are living in the information age, and the more we the people know about where they stand, the better chances they have of getting our votes. Leave the speeches for the crowds.

Here are the additional questions I posed to her this morning.

4. As a conservative, I know that the current progressive policies will not have the effect of bolstering the economy. In fact, history shows that it is quite impossible for a government to spend it’s way out of a recession. I assume that since you are considered a conservative, that reducing taxes on our middle class, and business owners is one step. I assume that you also believe that reducing government spending is also should be a part of the plan. What other options do you support for bringing back our economy?

5.  I have heard from Both Democrats & Republicans about the state our our borders, and the huge estimates of undocumented workers. Many on the right, have said that getting the border under control is the first step. I have listened to the arguments on both sides regarding amnesty, and in my opinion, this cannot be an option. I also have heard the argument to get tough on the enforcement of current employment laws. I have thought hard about this, and I cannot agree with totally with either of those paths. I believe that we do need to move forward in securing the borders, and we also need to address the employment laws. however  I see no good way to fix the problem without addressing the undocumented workers that are already here. I think a good solution is a hybrid of all of the measures. I think we need to create a law that allows undocumented workers and their families to register for identification, so they can properly start to pay taxes, purchase insurance, get licenses. I also believe that their should be additional costs built into every aspect of this. call it a  non-citizen surcharge if you will, and any money collected from those charges should be used to supplement that service. There are many more aspects of this, but I am wondering what your views are concerning a solution for this problem.

I think that the responses to all of  these questions will help me determine the candidate that I finally choose to vote for. I will probably have more questions as time goes by, and I will post them here as I come up with them.

Thanks for reading, and please submit any questions & comments. the more the better.


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