Indiana 2nd district race

I have to open here by saying, politicians really annoy the heck out of me.

this is February, we have one of the most important mid term elections in history about to unfold. there are two republican candidates that I know of here in the 2nd district.

Jackie Walorski

First of all, we have Jackie Walorski.

Jackie has been an Indiana State Representative since 2004. I spent some time on her web site trying to learn more about her. What I really like to know about any candidate, is what they stand for.

what I got from her website was minimal. The most useful information there is in the form of Vide0s related to Jobs and the economy, Health Care, Cap & Trade, and Second amendment rights. I watched them all, and here is what I got from them.

1. Jobs & the Economy: she reiterated that Jobs is important, and basically told me what I already know. the government is uselessly spending money to try and get us out of the recession, and that what we need is incentive for businesses.

What I was really looking for in this video, was what she would do to bring jobs and help the economy. I got nothing.

2. Health Care: In this video, Jackie talked about the fact that we still have the best health care system in the world. Something that most of us already know. She talked about how the current plans in the house and senate will do more harm than good. Again, something most of us already know. she brushed briefly on tort reform, and insurance companies selling across state lines, but mostly just complained about the bills, and current state. again, not much substance there. – my disappointment is building.

3. Cap & Trade: She talked about our energy infrastructure here in Indiana, and denounced Cap & trade. Here I agree. then she talked about how much cap & trade would costs, and mentioned that we need to protect our current resources here in Indiana. again I agree. Still no mention of what she would do. – Disappointment is still building.

4. Second Amendment Rights: Here she talked about the lifetime handgun permits, and again talked down gun control legislation. Again, somewhere I agree. and Still, no mention of a plan. -Sigh.

went through everything else on the web site that I could find, and I did find links to her Facebook page, found out how to subscribe to her twitter account, and a list of events. Not much more than ways to donate there, what she has done in the past  blah, blah, blah.

One thing I am sure of after visiting the site, is that Jackie is a Politician. Good about talking out against things, but nothing of substance.


Jack Jordon

Moving on, the second candidate that I know of is from Right here in Bremen, and that is Jack Jordan.

Jack Jordon’s site is basically an introduction. He is running as a “non-Politician”, and has a campaign slogan of Enough is Enough. Jack calls himself a Citizen Candidate with  Real World Experience. This is a very good platform to run on.

In going though the Jack Jordon for Congress 2010 site, I pretty much did the same thing. I looked for substance, standing on issues, and his plan.

I found little, of course. I read about Jack’s Life Objectives, his stance on current policies, and what his priorities are.

from his website, his priorities are:

1.  Stop the misguided policies…that continue to bombard us from Washington D.C. and more specifically from Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives.
2. THE Economy…specifically, focusing on jobs, jobs, and more jobs.
3. Protecting us…from our many ruthless enemies.

Again, all good priorities, but what do you plan to do about them? – again disappointment.

I did find some detail on Health care reform under the heading of Hot Topics, and a bit of an outline of what he thinks needs to be done there. Still, not enough.

Found a link to his facebook, ways to Volunteer, an email list, and ways to donate.There was also a list of events.

So really, I am disheartened by both sites. Neither candidate gave any real vision in going forward, and basically simply stated their positions on a couple talking points.

To Both candidates I would like to ask a few questions of my own.

Question 1: Like many Hoosiers, I currently am unemployed, and have been for some time. If elected, what types of jobs would you look at bringing into Indiana, and how would you go about  this? would you make it a point to bring in more recession proof industries?

Question 2: I currently don’ have health care, and would love to see an affordable solution. However the primary reason I have had to drop insurance has little to do with Health care. it has to do with Debt. Like so many others, I got in a bind in the last couple years, and have had to use credit cards for some emergencies. now, that I am out of work I am unable to maintain paying them at the rates they are demanding. On top of that, any late, or short payment to a credit card, results in outrageous late fees, and hiked interest rates. this does nothing but make the problem worse. What would you do to protect the people of your district to help them get out of this situation, and what would you do to prevent this type of bad behavior on the part of the credit card companies?

Question 3:  While I am not convinced that man made global warming exists, I am all for finding green energy alternatives. I also believe that making more energy efficient vehicles, furnaces, etc, would be of great benefit to everyone. they reduce costs to heat our homes, and travel to and from work. Most of these alternatives are however too expensive for the average home owner. What would you do to promote a move to more energy efficient alternatives?

I will add more questions as I can think of them, but for now that is all I have. If any readers out there have their own questions, please post them here and we will see if we can get them answered.


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