Jack jordan campaign february 8

Jack Jordan Campaign Update – February 8, 2010

Thank you for the opportunity to briefly update you on “our” campaign. Last week was filled with several radio interviews and a number of TV interviews. Additionally, it was a week of kicking off several new initiatives: radio ads on a number of additional stations, billboards strategically placed around the district, as well as the launch of our campaign on Face book (“Friends of Jack Jordan”).

But more importantly, I have had the opportunity to listen to an increasing number of concerned citizens from diverse backgrounds. (Important note: If you are looking for a so called “bull horn politician” I am not your candidate. However, if you believe in a citizen candidate who operates out of a core set of principles, someone who will listen to the priorities of the people in the 2nd district and someone who will truly represent and lead around these principles and priorities in Washington D.C. – then “our” campaign is for you!) Let me share just a few of the interactions we had this past week:

  • I am really glad you are running. We really need a strong Republican candidate like you to beat Donnelly.” (From a complete stranger at the next table over at a coffee shop in South Bend who I later find out is the C.E.O. of a prominent company in our area.)

  • I want to say, ‘You sound to me like just what we need.’ The local GOP seems to be supporting Jackie Walorski, but we don’t want more of the same.” (A letter from a 79-year old South Bend woman.)

  • Jack, you knocked it out the park….brilliant! …Keep it going, I feel voters are ready for what you represent…they certainly need to be.” (An e-mail to our campaign from a distinguished Plymouth resident after a radio interview.)
  • I’m a lifelong Lakeville resident and know Jackie very well. She is the ultimate politician. Nothing against Jackie, but this is not the time for more politicians. This is the time for someone like your husband. We have a whole group of us in Lapaz and Lakeville who are going to do whatever it takes to help your husband win in May and November.” (A swim mom speaking to my wife at our daughter’s sectional swim meet in Mishawaka.)
  • I’m behind you 100%. I’m just afraid the Democrats will continue to chip away at our 2nd amendment rights…in sneaky and subtle ways.” (An avid hunter from Bourbon)

I’m absolutely humbled to represent you in our campaign. Politicians have gotten us into this mess and it is time for a true citizen candidate with extensive real world experience to help lead us out of this mess.

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