Jack jordon of bremen running for congress

On January 16, 2010 Mr. Jordan formally announced his candidacy for U.S. House (Indiana District 2). The event was held at Bremen Castings Inc. Bremen, Indiana.

this is from his website:

Hello, my name is Jack Jordan and I am running for the 2nd Congressional District as a Republican for the State of Indiana.

It is our hope you will seriously consider a “non-politician” for this very important position.   It is our belief that politicians have gotten us into this economic mess…and they are absolutely the wrong people to help fix our current situation.   I am running because many people have convinced me we need a “citizen-candidate” who has had extensive “real world” experience to help solve our country’s problems.

I am extremely excited about America’s future and am confident we have great days ahead as we put forth true citizens who will truly represent the people of Indiana and utilize Hoosier common sense to solve our most urgent issues.

for more Information on Mr. Jack Jordon’s campaign, visit http://jackjordanforcongress2010.com

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  1. I really hope you won’t try to divide the republican vote to assure Joe Donelly a win.Your party needs to be united behind one canidate.You can’t afford any in-fighting in this race.I’m an angry unemployed factory worker who thinks that the current congress as well as our president is out of control.I am very much pro-life and for the belief that marraige is between one man and one woman.I wonder if you were to be the nominee,would you be another Olympia Snow or Sue Collins.Otherwise,what is you intention of running?

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