Christmas is bremen

Wow, where did the time go? it has been a tough year for most of us. with the economy still tanking, it looks like this Christmas season will be sparse for most people. As we approach the end of the year, it’s time to focus on what lies ahead.

As I sit here today, I find myself thinking of how to Survive the next few months, I realized that many people here in Bremen are probably doing the same thing. Christmas, in this family at least, will probably be meager this year, and after that, we will have the winter months to deal with.

Many of the Small businesses here in town I am sure are focused on trying to turn a profit in these trying times, and wondering what the next 45 days holds for them. I believe that now is the time to look past that, and into the start of the new year.

One thing came to my attention the other day. We had a Dresser that we needed to pick up from the Cozy Home shop here in town, so I asked my Brother to lend a hand. I went down to pick him up so we could get it and when I told him where it was, he said, ‘I never even knew this place was here’. The sad part about that is that we both live only 3 blocks away from the shop.

This made me realize that there are probably so many residents of Bremen, that don’t use most of the town’s resources, simply because that they don’t even realize what business in this town have to offer. We are a small community, there is no doubt. yet, if someone who only lives a couple blocks away from a local business, one would think that they would know it exists. Then I realized, I didn’t know about it until my wife told me about the dresser in the first place, so I was just as clueless.

I therefore have decided to utilize this site to spotlight the businesses around town. That way maybe it will draw attention to our local resources, so maybe the community will benefit.

starting this week, I will be adding sites here to spotlight the various businesses around town, so check back often!


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