Bing search engine obviously politically motivated

I was watching a news clip on Fox News, regarding the commercial that NBC and CBS refuse to play, because it is anti-Obama Health care. The news article interviewed a member of the League of American Voters, a rather large organization.

I decided to look up the league, so I went to what I had set as my default search engine, which was Bing, and I searched for the term ‘League of American Voters’. i couldn’t find it anywhere. I went through 12 pages and finally gave up. I switched to Yahoo, and did the exact same search, and the homepage for the League of American Voters popped up as the first choice! It was obvious at this point, that Bing had purposely excluded that site from it’s search engine. I tried Google & ask, and a couple of the smaller ones, and they all returned the League of American Voters website as either the first or second choice.


Lesson learned. I will no longer use Bing unless they choose to not let their political views affect their search engine. There is no place for Political views affecting results in a search engine. this is just sad, and they need to change their ways. maybe not even after that.


here is the site I was looking for, the League of American Voters  and below is the video I was looking for.





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  1. I just checked again, and now, when you search for League of American Voters, it come up as the first choice. apparently they got the message. but how many potential users did they alienate in the process? we will never know.


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