Redneck air cleaner

Ok, I am cheap, I admit that.

but I have hot water heat, so having a filter on the furnace is not an option. I also couldn’t see paying the hefty price for several room air filters. most of them are anywhere from $60 to $200, and then the filters were usually overpriced as well. since I have a big dog, and cats as well, something needed to be done. here is my solution!



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1 thought on “Redneck air cleaner

  1. Thats nice, I’ve actually been pondering building an AC unit for my upstairs office. Portables are around $300 and that is just too much to spend. I’m thinking about using my old college dorm fridge, some anti freeze, a fish tank or pond pump, a box fan, and a bunch of plastic and copper tube. All out it should only cost around $40 for the things I don’t have laying around.

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