More camping saga

After a long night of trying to get to sleep, I got woke up this morning at 7:45 by none other than the obnoxious red neck jerks in the next camp site. It was a bit of a good thing, as we had plans for today, which involved me getting up early, and getting tickets for a class on making a leather coaster, and a boat tour through a cave here in spring mill state park.

The jerks were up yelling back & forth bright and early, and my wife and I just rolled over, look at each other, and dragged our butts out of our sleeping bags. We hobbled our weary bodies to the picnic table, and started to work on breakfast. I put the coffee pot on the camp stove, and realized we had no coffee cups. So not only am I sleep deprived, but I was unable to get my badly needed caffeine fix. The coffee was done brewing by this time, so I turned it off and headed out to aquire tickets for todays activities.

I made it to the Griss mill, (the pioneer mill here in the park), and got to the counter just in time to watch the lady in front of me purchase the last 5 tickets for the event. Being as this is par for the course for this trip, hanging my head low, I walked my tired, aching, barely mobile body back to the car, and went to sign up for the cave boat tour.

I arrived at what I thought was the place for the cave tour, and no one was there. I knew I had the right time, but all I saw was a staircase that led down to the cave entrance. Since my mind was not with me this morning, I figured the sign up for the tour must have been down at the cave entrance. I started down the stairs. The stairs went on, and on, and my mind kept thinking how much fun it was going to be to come back up. After decending down what felt like a mile long stair case, and hiking a short path, there I was, stairing at the mouth of the cave. It was quite a sight, but soon I realized that there was no one here to sign me up for the tour. It finally registered in my ever so foggy mind, that I was at the wrong place. This did nothing to improve my mood.

I climed back up the hellishly long staircase, grumbling about how well the morning was going so far, only to notice the sign at the entrance to the stairs that told me this cave tour was closed, and that the other cave is the one I wanted. Panting heavily from the journey to and from the wrong cave, I staggered back to the car, and headed to the correct place (which was just outside the campground entrance). When I got there, I found out there was one spot left for all four of us to take the tour. Of course you have to pay in advance, and I didn’t have enough cash on me. Could this day get any better?

After pleading with the nice man there, I managed to convince him to hold the spot and let me run to a ATM. Managed to finally get that done, headed back to camp, stopping by the camp store to pick up some fuel for the stove, I finally returned to the camp site, and to my delight, the jerks next door were packing up to leave! Good thing too, since I was ready to drive through their site 5 or 6 times before parking in mine.

The rest of the day went pretty good. We walked around the pioneer village, had lunch, took the boat tour, visited the nature center, and took a quick hike around the lake. By this time we started to notice that the nice clear blue sky, had given way to overcast grey. Checking the weather maps,

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