Camping issues

Jul 31, 2009

We are out on another camping trip, which we used to always enjoy. For the past few years, it seems that no matter where we go, we end up next to a big group of people that, well are obnoixous. Case in point, I am sitting by my almost done for fire, at 1:00 in the morning. From the camp site next to me, The light from their lantern is bright enough, that I can clearly see every leaf on every tree in my own camp site. Not to mention the fact that i am listening to the tunes from the 80s from a local station loud enough to drown ot the relaxing sounds of the insects, and frogs. I am very tired, and would love to pass out right now, but the sounds of them making coffee, and talking about as much stupid crap they can think of, seems to be getting louder and louder. I keep wondering if there is a chance we can ever have a camping trip where our neibor campers actually sleep at night.

They are almost done with their coffee, which mind you, they gave to Everyone in the group, including all the kids, so I am hopeful they are immune to the effects of caffeine. Finally heard them mention going to bed, so I am hopeful i may have a chance of an hour or two of sleep soon. It’s now 1:30 in the morning, and my fire is down to a few embers. It’s getting colder, so I am soon going to be forced into the sleeping bag. The kids in the tent nearest to us, (did I mention they have four tents?) are giggling, and can’t even figure out how to zip up their sleeping bag. What I really like is how the keep yelling from one tent to the people by the roaring fire. Will this ever stop? My wife and kids are asleep, thankfully, since my wife thought ahead and brought ear plugs for them.

My fingers are getting to shaky now to keep typing on my phone, since my fire is all but gone, so I am heading to the tent, although the kids are still playing around and giggling, and making so much noise that I know I won’t sleep. Their parents are doing nothing, to make their kids shut the heck up. The radio is still going. At least they finally turned off the floodlight they had going. Think they were trying to signal the aircraft flying over head. Heck, the planes can probably hear the radio.

Ok will try to sleep through this. 2:00 am is late enough.

More later.

It’s 2:45 now, I am in the tent now, warm in my cozy sleeping bag, and listening to hotel California playing on their radio. They finally all went to their tents, and after about a half hour of yelling at the kids from their own tent they seem to be quiet. My wife emerged from the tent right as I was heading in, after finishing up the previous entry, and informed me that even with the ear plugs, she was still hearing the giggling brats from the next camp site. We made some rather loud comments about the situation before we went in the tent, which seems to have given them some clue, yet the loud radio is still playing. Why oh why do they think we need to hear the radio? Do they think that makes our camping trip more complete?

Oh, I spoke too soon about the kids to, as they are still giggling their little butts off.
At about 3:30, I am finally dozing off. I am to tired at this point to care. More tommrow.


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