More magic jack stuff

well, ran into my first issue using the Magic Jack.

I locked up my my computer, when attempting to stop a scheduled virus scan. when I rebooted, it gave me a common error listed on their website they already had a fix for it, (download this update and install), which didn’t work. I am just about certain, the reason that did not work for me is a compatibility issues since I am using the 64bit version of  Windows Vista.

in any case, had to locate and delete the file directory that it hides in a weird place, (under your profile settings and in a hidden directory, rather than in program files where it should be), and plug it back in. everything came up fine after that.

got it working again, but this does prove to me that while it is a great idea for a product, and works well, their lack of support, and proper programing, i still cannot recommend this for the non-geeky sect.

however, if you are a true geek that really knows what you are doing, it’s worth the $40 bucks just to play with and works well as an extra phone.


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