Iphone adventures

OK, so I had to take a trip down south to fix a power issue today.  Me and the Iphone took to the streets. when I got near my destination, My colleague sent me the address of the building I was going to, (since I had never been there) and I looked it up on the google maps that came with it. the GPS took me right to the building.

When I got there, the power for the building was shut off, and I had to locate the Breaker box, in a pitch black room, with only a hint of light from a doorway to the outside that was two rooms away. Not to mention the fact that I didn’t have a Flashlight. Luckily I had one program on my Iphone that pretty much was a white screen. i pulled up the program, and used the phone as a flashlight, and was able to find the breaker box and turn the power back on. went ahead to the top of the building and reset our equipment, and all is well, as indicated by the page I got via SMS message that everything came back up!

My Job for the day being complete, I turned the car around and headed home. after getting out of the city, rather than having a boring 3 hour drive home, I again reached for the Iphone. I loaded the Geocaching program that I had installed a couple weeks earlier, and when I was stopped in traffic, I located nearby caches that were along the way home, and found two out of three of them. 🙂

Of course, the last thing my Iphone got used for on the trip was my Wife called me and asked if I could pick up some Milk on the way home.. All in all a nice Iphone Adventure.  Although I still do not support the Mac computers that much, the Iphone is something that they did an awesome Job on.


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