Real car that got 58 mpg

Has everyone forgotten the Geo Metro? this car, in 1989, achived up to 58 Miles per Gallon. It was a joint venture between General Motors, and Suzuki.  this car was never popular because at the time we all wanted bigger cars. we became the nation of the SUV.

If you were wondering why American car companies are having such issues, here is one reason! If we were able to make cars that got 58 MPG in 1989, Why can’t we make one that gets better than 40 MPG in 2008?

Gas prices have come down, now that the recession has hit full force. But it will be a long time before I forget paying over $4.00 for Gas. I want the Car companies to bring back cars like this. Sure, it didn’t have much power, sure it was a Cracker box. but if you are like me and have a 25 mile trip each day to get to work, this is the car to have!



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