Holy walk in bremen indiana


The 2008 Holy walk is taking place tonight in Bremen.  Last year on the first night, about 1,400 people walked through the annual Bremen Holy Walk, a reenactment of the journey from Judea to Bethlehem.

I told my daughter that I would take her tonight, and the forecast tonight is calling for 18 deg. so it will be interesting.


for 2009 holy walk info :  click here

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6 thoughts on “Holy walk in bremen indiana

  1. When is the Bremen Walk for 2009? I did not get a chance to go in 2008 but I did in 2007. I really enjoyed it then and would like to take some Friends with this year.

  2. Need any info you can give me on Holy Walk this year (time where to meet etc.), have only been once and dont want to miss it again, also have friends who have never been and I would love them to experience it. To all who help in whatever capacity thank you and be abundantly blessed.

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