Why believe in a god? why wouldn’t you?

The American Humanist Association Launched an Ad Campaign recently, which quite plainly states, “Why believe in a God? Just be good for goodness sake.”

Well, why wouldn’t you believe in a god? If you take a look around the world at the way people treat each other, you will find very few of them “being good for goodness sake”. I personally feel that given the current state of affairs it is obvious that there is little good to be found. In fact you will find many  more that are filled with greed, hate, lust and and deceptiveness.  I would have to ask, Is there nothing more? Is this all that I will ever be? And after asking that question, I  would simply be left with depression, because the only answer would be Yes. the only motivation to be more productive, would be to my need for things, for money if you will. in other words, I would be motivated by greed.

ask yourself this. If we would all be good, for goodness sake, how many of us would be homeless?  how many of us would be hungry? how many of us would be homeless? For that matter, what does it mean to be good?

If you don’t believe in God, then how do you define “good”? would it be the same? after all, you can be good at a great many things. you can be good at farming. You can be good at building. you can be a good salesman, you can be a good plumber, you can be a good bee keeper, you can be a good weapons designer, you can be a good terrorist, you can be a good dictator. you can be good at killing. you can be a good theif. There are so many ways of being good, and so many things to be good at. So which is the right one? and in who’s eyes are any of these good?

So what does believing in God bring to me? for one, it defines what being good is, and what being bad is. it brings me comfort that my friends & family members and I will be some day reunited. it gives me the motivation to better myself, because there is someone who will be pleased with me. It gives me someone to talk to when no one else will listen. and when I feel that I am at the bottom, it gives me strength to rise above where I have landed. and when I am near the end of this life, it give me the assurance that it wasn’t all for nothing.

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