A prayer for america, and the world.

Dear lord, in Heaven, the people of this world have lost their way. the entire world is filled with people that love themselves above all. the greedy have taken control of big businesses, and they have gotten rich of the blood of the poor. I see people blessed with abundant wealth everywhere, and yet many on this earth hunger.

I see our leaders attempting to tell us that sodomy is not something to scorn, but something we need to embrace. Do they not know that this is an abomination in you eyes? and if so, shouldn’t it also be an abomination in ours? and then when a Christian tries to explain the evil of the gay life style, we are told we  are the ones who are wrong, and we need to accept them for who they are. this is completely against you and your word.

They also tell us that mothers  have the right to murder the very children they are responsible for bringing to life, as long as they have not been born. What gives us the right to say when life begins? that is a question for You, and cannot be answered by man. an yet hundreds of unborn children are murdered every day, with little or no regard or remorse. Father, please care for their souls.

Father above, you gave us each free will, in the hopes that we would use it for good. and we have failed miserably. We pay so little attention to You, and the teachings that you have left us. the vast majority of us are completely unworthy of your love and forgiveness.

I thank you for the wonderful gift you have given us in your Son, Jesus, as without him, we would all be lost.


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