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the mint city

Greetings from Bremen Indiana, The middle of Nowhere!

This is NOT an official site, to say the least. It’s simply a place to play.  Feel free to poke around a bit, never know if you might find something interesting here. Probably not that interesting though.


If you are searching for a place to order the Famous Lehman’s Football Mints, (Originally from Bremen), you can order them from The Wakarusa Dime Store

I have collected several links to whatever Bremen sites I could find, which are on the left.

I blog here, about whatever is on my mind, (when I feel like Blogging),  and I am far from politically correct. If you would like to voice your opinion here, or talk about anything that interests you, then, Log in let me know. I welcome all opinions, and post.

All I ask is that you keep the language PG.

Other than that, say what you feel.